Service & Repair of Power Generation Valves

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Service & Repair of a Power Plant Valve
Service & Repair of a Power Plant Valve

Fischer Process Industries is a preferred full service vendor of a major power generation utility, a high demand customer who can bear absolutely no down time. We are the primary supplier of their manual and automated process valves and pumps, and provide the servicing and repair for the efficient running of their equipment. Supplied and serviced products include solenoids, pump gauges, control valves, actuations, high temperature/high pressure valves, and dynamic pumping equipment such as split case, end suction centrifugal, and vertical turbines for the high volume handling of water and waste. We provide repair for equipment located on site, as well as at satellite locations throughout Central and Southern Ohio.

Engineering assistance is also provided, including process evaluations and equipment use recommendations. Our local access allows for rapid response to all requests, with available 24 hour service for quick turnaround times. We have effectively served this customer for the last 5 years and counting. For more information about the pump and valve component service and repair detailed here, or our other value added full service capabilities please see the table below or contact us directly.

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Highlights of this Service & Repair Agreement

Project Scope
A major power company utilizes FPI as their primary supplier for their process valve (manual and automated), pumps and on-site/off-site service and repair to keep their plants running efficiently. High demand customer requiring quick response, good quality and meeting short time frames. Customer can bear no down time as with any utility.
Service & Repair Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Engineering Assistance
  • Providing on/off site equipment repair
  • Pump and valve application solutions
  • Local access and responsiveness
  • Full range of service from split-case, end suction centrifugal, vertical turbine through 16" size
  • Specialty Valve solutions
  • High Pressure high temperature valve solutions

  • Providing 24 hour service as needed
Material Worked With
Primarily Process Water, Team and Waste
Products Supplied
Control Valves
High Temperature/High Pressure Valves
Split-Case/Vertical Turbine/End Suction/Trash
Pumps Gauges
Documentation Supplied
Dimensional Drawings and Operations Manuals as needed
Industry for Use
Power Generation
Project Timeframe
Ongoing for Over Five Years
Delivery Location
Central and Southern Ohio
Standards Met
Customer Safety Requirements
All Industry Regulatory Requirements
Product Name
Service and Repair

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