Regional Distributor & Supplier of Sundyne Centrifugal Products, Parts & Components

Fischer Process Industries represents Sundyne premium centrifugal pumps in Southern OH, IN and KY, they are designed for aggressive chemical handling, high pressure, and API applications. Sundyne has a wide selection of API pumps specifically for high pressure, low NSPH applications. All of Sundyne’s global manufacturing facilities are fully modernized and utilize the latest precision fabrication technology and continuous improvement methods.

With their Kontro ANSI seal-less magnetic drive pumps, Sundyne engineers the most efficient and reliable centrifugal pumps in the global pump market. These pumps are designed for the toughest chemical applications, high temperature as well as hot oil requirements. Sundyne's Sunflo line of pumps feature high pressure, low flow technology and is used extensively in boiler feed, reverse osmosis, NOx suppression, wash down, injection, seal flush, and condensate return processes. Fischer Process Industries supplies Sundyne centrifugal pumps in Southern Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana.

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